When white teachers call colonizers “explorers” to make them seem like brave people with an adventurous curiosity instead of genocidal, european supremacist bastards who wanted to exchange blood for money.

twointhemorning asked:

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you took the time to listen to one of my songs. It's very nice of you. I hope you'll get a chance to listen to more when you can, it's okay if you don't. Take care. -andy (whitecelica tumblr com)

I’ve listened to it for like 58 times already. I really can’t get enough of the song. I will definitely check out more of your songs! Pinky promise! ^.^ Although I think it’s more of a pinky promise to myself, because I must check out more songs by you. If that makes sense haha.

papercut (draft)


hello my name is andy and this will never end / I will admit I just made this starting five hours ago and it shows / I’m reaching for a g** I want to feel more like one aware of hazard lights a papercut on the tongue I’ve waited for so long I’m following the crumbs no matter where they go I can’t connect the d***